Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 13, 2017

Hola friends and fam! 

Lunes: Transfers! Hna. McConaghie went home and I got a new comp named Hermana Tolosa! She's from Culiacan, Sinaloa and TALLER THAN ME, what?? But she rocks and we've had a blast.

Martes: District meeting, good lessons, and Lupita, one of our favorite sisters, came out to work with us! 

Viernes: Ward FHE where one of the sisters didn't like our game so things got a little tense hahahahhahahaha but even then it was a good time.

Lunes: My district, MTC comp, and my trainee's trainee ROCK and threw me a birthday bash in the capilla and we had a great old time​
THEN we went with our favorite members (the ones with a million cats) and ate gorditas. >:)
Martes y Miércoles: AGUASCALIENTES!!! Got to see some of my favoritest friends and that always makes me happy. Also we talked about the importance of commandments and leaving commitments and FAITH and had suuuuuuuper inspiring and motivating meetings!

Retornos crew minus Escareño
My soul sister

Last Mineros pic before Avilez had transfers

Viernes: ZONE MEETING!  with a million and 7 newbies so I felt way old...found some new investigators in a part of our area that has always been a little miracle!

Sábado: Good day and read a quote I loved while re-reading conference talks that says (I don't have the translation in English here but Google can help) "No podemos dirigir el viento, pero podemos ajustar las velas. A fin de tener la mayor felicidad, paz, y satisfacción posibles, decidamos tener una actitud positiva." -Pres. Thomas S. Monson 

Domingo: LOOK THEY PLANTED FLOWERS IN MY HONOR. Okay not really but like what are the chances I would find something in Mexico with my name on it? Way cool. 

Then Lupita came out to visit people with us again and it started raining on us again but there was a rad rainbow so we took a pic but you can't even see it haha...(feat crazy eyes and double chin hehe)

HOY: We went to the mine again and had a blast. Remember my friend from the last time we went to the mine? We took another pic today to remember old times and I shared my water with him. 

Oh, and also our other friend.
And then took another sweet pic where Hna. Christensen and I were definitely the only ones that didn't get the memo that it wasn't going to be a funny pic haha

Have a great week, remember who you are and where you came from, and reflect and write questions in preparation for conference in a few weeks!


Hermana Bird

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