Thursday, March 23, 2017

July 11, 2016 Francisco's Baptism!

Hola friends and fam!

I had a GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT week this week!

Lunes: Even though I couldn't celebrate the 4th of July properly, we went shopping in a mall called Plaza Altaria that's like the closest thing they have to America here and afterwards we went shopping at Walmart, wohoo! Haha and I wore white and blue (because I couldn't find anything red) to celebrate as well.

Martes: Another great district meeting! We talked a lot about miracles and the faith it takes to see miracles. We are GOING to have miracles here in El Encino. I'm sure of it! We also talked about all the times in the Book of Mormon that it said "look and I looked" or "behold and I beheld" and I invite you all to study these sections and follow the example of the BOM prophets who didn't think twice before obeying God.

Miércoles: We had a FHE with one of our investigators and the branch president's family. We talked about tithing and it was actually such a fun activity! This woman has so much faith! We're hoping to see her baptism here in a few weeks.

Jueves: We got to meet President Hernandez and his wife! They are literally two of the greatest people I have ever met. I am SO EXCITED for these next 9 months to come with them! Also we mentioned the cockroach problem in our house to Hna. Hernandez and she told us that we have to move immediately haha so we're moving TOMORROW and I'm SOOOOOO excited for our new house! It's clean! :')

Viernes: Francisco is one of the coolest kids ever. He's only 11 but he has such a strong testimony! He understands everything so well and asked us to sing with him at his baptism and was just suuuper excited. We practiced the interview with him and when we told him he passed he just couldn't stop smiling. He's such an example for his mom and sister who are less-active and is strengthening his dad who is recently active again. Also, today I started teaching english classes! It was such a cool experience because these people are so teachable and everyone wants to learn. And I love their accents. ;) For now we're focusing on pronunciation haha.

Sábado: Francisco got baptized!!! He was such a trooper because the boiler wasn't working so he got baptized in freezing cold water haha but it was such a beautiful experience!

ALSO, when my comp and I went to the chapel to start filling the font, there was a conference with YSA from all over Mexico getting trained for EFY and I saw some members from my old ward (Retornos) and talked with them for a little bit and they told me that VICTOR GOT BAPTIZED. In the moment they told me I literally started crying. This family is one of the most special families I have ever met. I am so happy that he finally took the step to get baptized! This coming Saturday he'll be baptizing his wife, and one of these days their son Edgar will be baptized too. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love the work of the Lord and I love all of these miracles and tender mercies He gives to us!

Domingo: Our awesome investigators, Daniela y Miguel, told us they're moving, but they'll still be attending at the same chapel and are going to invite us to the baptism and still want us to plan their wedding haha.

Great things are happening here and more than anything I just feel so blessed! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

-Hermana Bird

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