Thursday, March 23, 2017

August 22, 2016 I love my area and I love being a missionary!

Friends and fam! 

I have seriously been slacking at writing these days because there has been a lot of work to be done! But, first things first...HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday to my favorite 15-year-old brother Caden and HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow to my dear mother!!

So many things to tell, so little time. Here goes:

-My first week here in the area we had a miracle and ran into a member from Mexico City who had bought some land here and was building a house with the help of a man named Jesus. He had been praying and asking local members for days to find missionaries in the area that could come teach Jesus and his family (who knows why the couldn't get a hold of us), when one day my companion and I were in a part of our area that we really never visit when we hear a man yelling "Hermanas! Hermanas!" At first we got a little nervous because it normally isn't a good sign when people yet at us like this, but we decided to respond and ask how we could help him. He explained that he was a member and around the corner there was a family he wanted us to meet. We accompanied him and met the Zuñiga family: Jesus, Norma, Citlaly, and Angy. They are awesome. Ever since this day they have been saying their prayers individually and as a family, reading the Book of Mormon, and sharing the gospel with their friends. They always invite their neighbors to listen to us when we go teach them and they are seriously so special! They want to feel sure and convinced that the church is true before they go to church so our current struggle is getting them to attend sacrament meeting, but I know it'll happen soon. They're the best and I'm so thankful for Hermano Hernandez from Mexico City who helped us find this chosen family!

-The bathroom in my new house is weird so I thought I'd share a picture of it haha. Also fun fact: the boiler in our house doesn't work but we're in a part of Aguascalientes where the water is always warm. Yay for Aguascalientes!

-We also have an awesome investigator named Pamela who always reads and prays and goes to church, but because of certain circumstances in her life we have to wait a little while until she can be baptized but she rocks! She even got to church half and hour early yesterday to help set up chairs and everything.

-I have 10.5 months in the mission WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE.

-I still have the Línea Verde in my area and we took a pic of the sweet sunset from the top the other night:

-Last Monday we went to Plaza Altaria again and ate at Chili's wohoo! Super healthy, I nknow. ;)

-Some of my favorite missionaries are in this zone and I get to visit them on exchanges and it rocks! Featuring two of my faves after lunch two weeks ago:

-All of my shoes are now holey (aka worn to pieces but I think that's a good sign...)

-Here in Aguascalientes I've been eating a lot of ​Chaska Fruta and Dorichascas. Look them up and be amazed at all of the unhealthy and surprisingly delicious weird foods Mexico has to offer.

-Also, we drink a lot of fruit waters here and right now they've given us a lot of Tuna Water. "Tuna" in Spanish is "atún" but there also exists a fruit called tuna that grows on cactus-looking things called nopales and they rock. Look them up too. :)

-The other day we had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators named​ Jose Luis who quit drinking, smoking, and doing drugs years ago but has recently passed for a really rough family situation and began smoking again, so in our lesson we asked him if he has his box of cigarrettes in the house still. He said yes but that he wanted to stop smoking again so right then and there we tore the cigarrettes to pieces and went to the big garbage container outside and threw them away and since that day he hasn't smoked again wohoo!

-Ice cream on exchanges with Hna. Herrera in Boulevares becuase that's how I roll.

I have ​a million other stories to tell, but it's sufficient to know that I'm way happy in my area, I love my companion, and the works keep going! 

I hope you all have a fabulous week and find ways to be a member missionary!

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Bird

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