Wednesday, March 22, 2017

July 4, 2016 Feliz Dia de Independencia

​Hola friends and fam!

I hope you're all enjoying your day and celebrating the 4th of July double since I didn't do anything to celebrate it here. :(

Highlights of the week
Lunes: There's not much grass of vegetation of any sort to be found here in my mission, but in my new area there's a spot called "La Linea Verde" that's basically a few blocks of grass and parks and a track and we went to teach some recent converts there (all of the converts in my new area are like 11 years old) and it was so nice to just chill outside with perfect weather and GRASS!

Martes: I got to go to another area of the zone called Viñas on exchanges with Hna. Canales from Honduras and it was a blast and we bought snowcones. >:)

Miércoles: We're teaching an investigator named Daniela who has one of the strongest testimonies EVER! She's so prepared and has the strongest desire to be baptized, she's just working on getting certain documents together so that she and her boyfriend can get married and then she'll be baptized on July 30th! She's one of those golden investigators that everyone dreams to have on the mission. She always has questions, always reads her scriptures, and in every lesson shares her powerful testimony with her almost-husband who has a few doubts. More to come on Daniela y Miguel!

Jueves: REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!! On Thursday I had exchanges with Hermana Caldwell! She lives in the nicest house in the entire mission, so it was way nice to get a break from my cockroach-infested house and spend a day with my bestie working together again as servants of the Lord! Some members gave us money instead of food for lunch, so we treated ourselves to a big pepperoni pizza. Soooo good. Her area rocks. Her investigators rock. Her house rocks. She rocks. The coolest part of it all was being able to see all the changes we've made and all the things we've learned since being in the CCM. It was such a blessing!

Viernes: We had a ward activity and it was awesome because we always invite people that never show up, but 6 of our investigators showed up and hung out with the members and really enjoyed themselves! Ward activities are my favorite.

Sábado: This day was a little rough because we walked around for 5 hours in the morning and no one opened their doors to us, and then we got rained on haha but it's days like these that make me realize how blessed we are every other day when people do let us in and listen to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

Domingo: Testimony meeting always rocks. At night, we had a FHE with Miguel y Daniela and the Chavez family! It was great, as always. The members in this branch ROCK and are so willing to help us out with missionary work!

The challenge of this week is to bear your testimony to someone who needs to hear it (regardless of whether or not you shared it yesterday in sacrament meeting :)) and invite them to a family home evening with the missionaries! Love you all lots and am so grateful for you!!

Con mucho mucho amor,
Hermana Bird

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