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November 7, 2016 Un Breve Resumen

Friends and fam,

LOTS of things have happened in these two weeks and as always I have very little time so I'll share the most important things and most important pictures haha.

El lunes antepasado: CAMBIOS. My comp and I stayed together in our area but 7 other companionships in the zone had transfers so we went to the bus station to help make sure everything went smoothly then we went to the mission offices so my companion could take care of something with her visa then we had like two seconds to breathe before we went out to work.

Martes: Our stake president decided he wants us and the Ward Mission Leader to organize who feeds us all month so we spent like 2 hours trying to figure out the calendar (because there are 6 missionaries in our ward in 3 different areas and certain members can feed us all at once but others only 4 at a time and others only 2 at a time so that was crazy but the good news of life is that we're going to eat every day wohoo!

Miércoles: We had a SUPER lesson with an awesome investigator! Her name is Aurora and she has known about the church for a long time. All of her kids are members and one of them is on a mission right now (but all of the others are inactive). The Spirit was so present in the lesson and she told us that now is finally the time that she wants to take everything seriously and read the Book of Mormon and go to church and get baptized. It was funny because we didn't even get to the part where we were going to invite her to be baptized when she said "I think I'd like to get baptized in December" so we put a baptismal date for December 3rd wohoo! More news to come on her. Oh, and when we went to eat with the members their bunny had just had baby bunnies look how presh!

Jueves: We went to the offices so I could go to the embassy (or who knows what it's called) and renew my green card so that was an adventure! And one of my friends from the MTC also went to renew his visa this day and he's companions with one of my other best friends from the mish so we took a cheesy family photo in the offices hahaha. 
Also fun fact, something happened in the offices and one of the printers like exploded and the whole office filled with smoke so there was some serious deep cleaning going on when we got there.

Viernes: We had some good lessons in the morning but then I felt waaaaay sick (like I was gonig to blow chunks por todos lados) so we went home to rest a bit, the members brought us lunch to our house and then we headed out to work again and no one received us for like 5 hours. Sweet. But it's all good. Sometimes we have days like that hahaha.

Sábado: We finally found a less active family that we've been trying to visit FOREVER and they're super willing to make changes and get back to church so we're hoping to see more miracles!

Domingo: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ESTE DÍA. Church was good, then in the afternoon we went to visit Alberto's daughter for the first time (because she always gave us an appointment and was never there but we finally found her) but she has four GIANT dogs and one of them escaped when we were in front of her house. It's a puppy so it was just playing, but it started jumping on me and biting my feet and a ton of crazy stuff and then starting doing it to my companion but first of all, she's really little and the dog was like gonna knock her out, and second of all, she's afraid of dogs because one bit her really bad like a year ago, so I was trying to protect her and then the dog jumped on me again and I fell into a cactus and got my hand super marked up haha but it was hilarious.

El lunes pasado: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It was Elder Garcia's (our zone leader) birthday, so when we ran into him downtown we bought him a milkshake and a feliz cumpleaños balloon. Fun stuff. Oh, fun fact: he's from Garland! Never knew him but we also talk about Texas haha so that's fun.
Also, the Day of the Dead is a big thing here so we went to El Museo de la Muerte which was pretty chill and explored downtown a little more and ate more chascas. Pictures to come...we're waiting for one of our companions to send them to us because we didn't have our cameras.

Martes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITEST LITTLE SISTER EVER AUDREY!!!!!! This day ROCKED. In the morning we went to visit Alberto and I had my hair in a bun and he told me I had a "peinado de cebolla" which means onion hairdo so that was funny. Then we had a normal day up until like 7 when we went to a special meeting with President. When we were downtown the day before we ran into the assistants and they accidentally told us a day early about the surprise, but we went to this meeting to watch a movie called El Libro de le Vida and it is the cutest movie ever! Watch it! We watched it because this month we're studying the Plan of Salvation and it was Day of the Dead and so why not? They bought us pizza and pan muerto and it was a blast!

Miércoles: We had another meeting with President and learned a ton about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of the Book of Mormon and lots of other good stuff. And as always it's fun to see the missionaries that are serving in other states right now. It was a greeeeeeeeat day!

Viernes: We had our zone meeting and even though we went into it feeling a little unprepared it turned out well and we all learned a lot! Afterwards we went to eat with the Fam. Gutierrez and started talking about a bunch of intense doctrine and did like scripture chase to see who could find the explination (I don't remember how to spell this word) first in the scriptures and I learned a ton haha.

Sábado: ANOTHER meeting with the district leaders in our zone and they're all newbies and super excited to work hard so we're hoping for great things from the zone! After the meeting, some sisters called us to let us know they were having problems so we went to help them talk it out, called President to explain the situation, and he and his wife counseled us on how we could help the sisters. The family from their ward was waiting to feed the sisters, so when they went to eat, my companion and I went to eat and study to see what we could do to help them. Afterwards, we came back, followed what the Spirit had indicated that we needed to say, and saw another miracle. The sisters resolved their problems in the moment and set goals and plans to keep making their relationship better. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but the point I'm trying to reach with this story is that the Lord inspires his leaders (Pdte. y Hna. Hernandez) and the Spirit is the only one who knows how to help God's children in the precise moment they need it. God hears our prayers and answers through the Holy Ghost! 

Domingo: And the tradition continues...GREEN!
Also last night we had a lesson with an incredible family. We've met with them like 3 times but this time they were super different. The parents are facing LOTS of challenges right now--health, money, their kids, etc--but this time the Spirit was able to touch their hearts. The mom started crying and expressed to us her desire to start making changes and let Jesus Christ help her carry her load. More news on this family later too!

Hoy: One of the sisters in our zone is in the hospital since last night so the zone leaders, my companion, and I went to bring them tacos and chat for like 2 hours to help them feel better! It was actually a blast haha.
Afterwards we went downtown and bought "Jicaletas" which are like a slab of jicama on a stick covered in chamoy and chile. It was delish. And my companion and I found our long lost Mexican parents in a park and had to remember the moment haha. 

LOVE YOU ALL! HAVE A GREAT WEEK and look for the miracles that God is giving you!

Hermana Bird

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