Saturday, March 25, 2017

February 20, 2017 Happy Valentine's Day!

Friends and fam! 

I decided to get started on the group email a little bit earlier today because I never have time to do it well haha and lots of fun things that I want to share have happened this week!

Lunes: I know that it doesn't sound exciting, BUT washing our clothes is a pain here in the mission but our saint of a neighbor (who's a member who lives in front of us and like four houses over) WANTS TO LET US USE HER WASHING MACHINE FROM NOW ON AND FOREVER. I am sooooooooooooo grateful for her and so dang happy to have clean clothes. So we washed all our clothes then had a fun day full of shopping because my comp was trying to find gifts and souvenirs for everybody and their mother so that was fun! We also bought fabric so that another neighbor (an awesome Jehovah's Witness lady who's a former investigator that LOVES the sisters) can make us dresses for when President Russell M. Nelson comes to visit the mission THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! Then when p-day ended we had a Family Home Evening with the Primary president (who's the fun & crazy grandma I wrote about a few weeks ago after we ate with her), Hna. Olga (the sister who has 63573135 cats), and Ronald! It was a blast! We talked about the First Presidency's message from this month (which roooooocks you should all go check it out) and everyone participated and was loving it and at the end, the primary president's daughter brought us like 100 sopes and they were SO DELISH. Solid day.

Martes: Happy Valentine's Day! Such a good day. Woke up and my comp had decorated my desk and wall (also because I hit the 16-month mark today...) and it was SO CUTE. 
Then we went to the church to have a district breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice which was DELISH (pics to come later because our ZL still hasn't sent them to me) and had an aweeeeeeeesome district meeting! We practiced a few principles from Preach My Gospel to become better about helping our investigators feel the love and sincere concern we have for them then did a fun activity with pictures of all of us as toddlers. Then of course we all shared Valentine's Day candies and it was a blast! Then we went to eat with Hna. Chayo who ROCKS! She was the companion of our mission president's wife when they were on their missions and her husband group up in my second ward in San Luis so it's always a blast to be with them! After lunch we headed out to Fresnillo to do exchanges with Hna. Nicholas and Hna. Vargas! We taught a cute old man like the whole lesson of the Restoration on the way there and almost puked our guts out from sitting backwards for an hour haha but it was great and we had a fun time chatting it up with the sisters when we arrived.

Miércoles: Looooooooooots of walking, taught some cool people, and had some good chats with Hermana Nicholas, then headed back to Zacatecas and crashed haha. Enjoy this blurry pic of the happy clan. :) 

Jueves: Had an AWESOME lesson with Ronald! He finally started to open up and share his questions and doubts and we were able to help him resolve a few doubts and let him know how to find the answers on his own to a few other doubts. But he rocks and he's funny and always cooks for us so here's a pic of us with mango like he made a few weeks ago and plátanos fritos con azucar y crema. 
 He's seriously sooooooooooo close to baptism. We're hoping to see him baptized in a few short weeks!
Viernes: Taught an intense Jehovah's Witness and found another cool lady to teach then had a ward Valentine's day activity and it was a blast!

Sábado: Intercambios con Hna. Torres! Had a fun time in Guadalupe and burned my face off again haha but it was a blast and we both learned a lot!

Domingo: Ronald came to church again YAY! I gave a talk about the importance of reading the scriptures, my comp and I taught the Gospel Principles class on the Priesthood, and the we learned about being pioneers in Relief Society. It was comp's last Sunday in our ward so obvi we took a ton of pics. 
feat. new clothes because my comp literally gave me ALL of her clothes haha
we're really photogenic...

​After church we ate with Hna. Chayo otra vez and we always eat like kings and queens in her house and she made us delicious pork chops with steamed vegetables and bread and pasta and I felt a little bit like I was at home haha. Then we went to choir practice with the zone and finished off the day at the funeral of our Relief Society President's son.

Something that I've learned or been reminded of this week is how precious life is! It definitely has it's ups and downs, good days and hard days, joys and sorrows. But it's a time of trial and preparation for the eternal happiness that awaits us. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that if we heed to Him and His teachings, we can be happy! Always! He loves us and will help us make it through everything. Have a great week!!

Hermana Bird

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