Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 14, 2016 Two Weeks of Celebrations

Hello one and all! Since I arrived here in Retornos, we've been celebrating non-stop! My comp reached one year in the mission, I had my birthday, reached 5 months in the mission, and she's about to hit her one-year mark in the field. So many things to be grateful for!

Here's a rundown of the most exciting events in the past two weeks:
-The water cuts off mid-shower almost daily in my new house and we have cockraches living with us, but we're managing to survive!
-My previous area was WAY nice and very America-esque, but just to paint a picture of my new area (which is in the same city and stake, just on the opposite end), a horse-drawn trailer picks up our trash and we've got some sweet dirt roads that flood like crazy with the smallest amount of rain.
-We celebrated the one-year of my comp with Chasca Fruta (froyo mixed with your choice of frozen fruit, something that they had all over in her first area in Aguascalientes)
​-We did a service project and got to paint a house, wohoo!
-I have all of Mexico in my area haha. A.k.a. there's an apartment complex called Torres de Mexico and each building has the name of a state, so my comp and I always say that we're in charge of all of the missionary work in Mexico.
-I was able to spend my birthday with members and missionaries from both my current area and my first area and I felt so loved! Here are some pics of me with these special people!

​-It snowed here on Thursday and today we're dying of heat. Mexico and Texas aren't that different after all...
-We're helping one of our investigators organize her wedding so she can get baptized and we're so excited!!
-We had an INCREDIBLE lesson with one of our investigators, Gerardo. We met him on my first day here in Retornos and taught him a lesson in the street and have been meeting with him ever since. On Thursday we shared with him the message of the Restoration and he told us "I have the same question that José Smith had! I'm ready to act, I just need to know from God which of all the churches is true!" and afterwards shared powerful experiences of when he has felt God's love in his life..we all cried. Just a little bit. But he's awesome and we're hoping for a baptism very soon!
-Desiree, a little girl that Hermana Muñoz & I started teaching in Jardín, got baptized on Saturday and President gave us permission to go! I felt so much joy I could've exploded. She is so precious and was so excited to be baptized!

This is just a teeny tiny fraction of all of the wonderful things I have experienced these past two weeks. I can so strongly feel the love of God in my life and I am SO thankful for the opportunity to be here serving a mission. I know God lives. He knows and loves each and every one of us. Never forget that. 

Challenge of the week: if you've received your patriarchal blessing, read and analyze it this week!


Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Bird

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 29, 2016 Cambios Especiales

Hola friends and fam! 

This week was very...interesting. Friday morning during personal study my district leader called to let me know that I would be moving to the area Retornos and had an hour to pack all of my things and get to the bus central. Definitely a surprise haha, but here I am in my second area of the mission wohoo! I'm still in San Luis Potosí and in the same stake, but in a different ward. The ward I come from is the most "fresa" as they say here (which means like nice, hoity-toity, almost snobby, not really sure how to describe it) in the city, and this area is much more humble. The people are way different and the ward is way different haha but I'm excited to be here! My new companion's name is Hermana Castro and she's from Guatemala. On Thursday she'll hit her one-year mark in the mission, wohoo! But things are going good, we're working hard and finding lots of people to teach!

Not sure when spring break is, but I hope you all enjoy spring break and have a fabulous week!!

This week's challenge: read your Book of Mormon for 15 minutes every day this week and share what you learned with a friend or family member. Love you all!

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Bird