Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016 Feliz Dia De La Madre!

Hola familia y amigos!

Fun fact: the only people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo are those who live in the state of Puebla, so while all of you were celebrating in the states, it was a normal day here. 

Here in Mexico we celebrate Mother's Day on May 10th, but I got to talk to the fam yesterday! It was so fun to hear from everyone and get some life updates. But the funniest part of it all was the fact that when I called, a mariachi band began to play right outside the window and there were like five chihuahas in the room with us. Classic Mexico. The only thing that was missing were the tacos haha.

On Saturday the elders had a baptism y after it ended and we were gonna lock up the building we took this sweet pic with our ward mission leader, his son, a counselor in the bishopric, and one of the sisters in the ward. Love these people!

Last night we received transfer calls and Hermana Franco & I are staying here together in Retornos to finish her training. Wohoo!

I hope that this week all of you have remembered all of the mothers, mother figures, and other important women in your lives. Yesterday I was reading all the talks I could find in the General Conference Liahonas that talked about women and mothers, and the conclusion I reached is that motherhood is such a sacred calling. Mothers emanate the pure love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you to a handful of the wonderful women in my life--mom, Lori, Lisa, Stevie, Nicole, Amy, Michelle, Cortney. Larissa, Ally, Ashley, Lindsay, Erin, and Grandma just to name a you all and hope you were able to enjoy your special day! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Bird

April 25, 2016

Hello one and all! As always, it has been an exciting few weeks here in Mexico!

-Last Monday we went to visit a reference from the zone leaders, but the man we were looking for didn't live there. Instead, his sister with her husband and her son live there and they are SUPER interested in the gospel! They came to church yesterday and loved it! They have already been way good about keeping their commitments and they're preparing to be baptized May 28th. Such a blessing!
-This week we also had interviews with President and it's always good to hear from him and get new insight on how to help our investigators.
-The elders in our ward had two baptisms this weekend and the service was beautiful! And we got the elders to perform a special musical number so that was exciting!
-On Saturday the sister training leaders in our zone decided to do a big activity for the "día del niño" (why don't we have a Kid's Daya a.k.a. birthday round 2 in America?) to find new investigators and it was way fun! Here we are after it ended:
-Yesterday we ate with our ward mision leader and his family (tacos--YUM) and his sons play cello and violin so we had a sweet hymn jam sesh with them. They're seriously the best family ever.
-Also yesterday the stake president visited our ward and well...this stake struggles a little bit when it comes to helping the missionaries, so he had us stand in front of the whole ward, then had all the return missionaries stand, then had everyone who had ever received a lesson from the missionaries stand, until everyone was standing. Then he spoke about how all of us have felt the influence of missionary work in our own lives so now it's time to do our part. Super powerful and we've already seen the effects of his talk. Puro poder.
-This morning my comp and I were looking through some things in our house and found HUNDREDS of Liahona magazines and I realized that I LOVE reading the Liahona. If you don't already have a subscription to the Ensign/New Era/Friend or the Liahona, DO IT THIS WEEK! The messages are so uplifting and just the best!

Espero que todos tengan una semana excelente y tomen el tiempo para compartir el evangelio. Les amo mucho!!

Hermana Bird

1-I'm always photo ready...
2-Our neighbor surprised us with tacos Satuday night. >:) Featuring sunburn round two from the one day I forgot to use sunscreen and my creepy happy face.

April 11, 2016

What a week, what a week! Some pretty exciting things happened this week:

-We found a bunch of less actives and investigators that we've been looking for for a while and had some sweet lessons!
-I lost my voice because of a cold and I still sound like a man so that's been interesting haha. My comp always makes fun of me so now we've got some sweet jokes.
-We had a zone meeting and I got to see all my friends! (aka Hermana Nicholas who is from my generation and was in my first district, my 10-day companion Hermana Carmona Y, and one of my old district leaders) Also we talked a ton about how to recognize the Spirit and it was BOMB. All of you who have access to a Preach My Gospel (aka all of you because technology rocks) should read chapter 4 and the accompanying scriptures. Prepare to be uplifted and edified!
-My comp and I spent 6 hours cleaning our house today because my other comp and her companions for the last 9 months here didn't believe in cleaning, so when I arrived there were no cleaning supplies, but now we have cleaning supplies and A CLEAN HOUSE!! You all know how I am about having my things clean and organized...
-We found an investigator this week who we met last Saturday, came to conference on Sunday without us even having had the first lesson with him, came to church yesterday, and is keeping all of his commitments and preparing to be baptized the 7th of May WOHOO!!!

I think those are the most important highlights of this week...but I'm loving life here and am learning so much from my companions and the investigators and members and everyone. It's amazing how much one can learn if we just decide to listen and humble ourselves. Thank you all for being the best friends and fam a girl could ask for! Love you lots!

Con muchísimo amor,
Hermana Bird