Thursday, March 23, 2017

January 16, 2017 It's the Beginning of the End

Hola friends and fam! I have lots of exciting things to share from these last two weeks so I'll just get right to it.

Oh, jk. First, here are the promised pics of New Year's Eve featuring our matching t-shirts that we bought for like $3 at Walmart and the Martinelli's the elders gave us.

Two Weeks Ago
Lunes: My comp got super sick Monday night so the elders stopped by to bring us saltines and Sprite and helped some sisters out wohoo!
Martes: We left to visit people in the morning because my comp was feeling better then headed to AGUASCALIENTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had been looking forward to this meeting with President since I got here to Zacatecas because even though I LOVE my comp and it's always a fun experience to go to a new area, I missed my old area a little bit. Sooooooooo here's a pic of that one time when Hna. Garay ran and screamed and hugged each other and our old zone leader captured the moment haha. 
Then in the meeting with President we learned about some cool new changes that will happen in every missionary's daily schedule...nore news to come from the General Authorities on January 25th wohoo!​
Miércoles: Awesome meeting with President where we talked about the Doctrine of Christ and how it's the center of our purpose as missionaries! Then I got to see ANOTHER one of my old companions!

Love Hna. Franco! Then I said goodbye to Hna. Garay and we took a last-minute selfie outside of the bus station haha.
Jueves: Weekly planning sesh, productive lunch with the Relief Society Pres where we talked about how we can help our ward get more involved in missionary work, then we taught Word of Wisdom to our investigator, Ronald, and he committed to live it and stop drinking tea and coffee!
Viernes: We have zone meeting and got the zone pumped about living and teaching the Doctrine of Christ! Also feliz Día de Reyes! We ate a ton of Rosca de Reyes to celebrate! Also we had exchanges with the sisters from another ward in the zone and I was with the sweetest sister ever, Hna. Matla, who's from Veracruz and has a rad conversion story.
Sábado: Visited Ronald again and this time talked about baptism! He said he's still not ready to accept a specific date but he wants to get baptized!
Domingo: FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THIS AREA AN INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ronald came and learned a lot! He said that honestly it was a little weird because it was his first time and he wasn't familiar with everything but it went well! Enjoy this stalker pic my comp took of him and the elders walking home from church. 

Last Week
Lunes: We went downtown to buy a few things and the elders happened to be there too and started yelling at us and took this oh-so-flattering picture haha. 
Martes: Our star investigator Sylvia that always had some sort of treat waiting for us when we got there decided she didn't want to keep any of her commitments and dropped us. :( 
Miércoles: Found an awesome new investigator named Mercedes who is soooo desirous to learn more!
Jueves: Taught Ronald about prophets
Viernes: We now have a ward mission leader! Wohoo! So we had our first correlation meeting yay!
Sábado: 15 months in the mission...Taught Ronald the Restoration and then ate tacos and Dairy Queen ice cream for lunch ;)

Transfer calls came yesterday and 3 of the 8 missionaries in our district had transfers so we went to the bus station this morning to send them off! But my comp and I are staying together and I get to kill her (aka be her last companion) wohoo! 

As per ush I'm out of time haha but I hope you can all enjoy a glance into the last few week of Hermana Bird! Also, here's a pic of one of the massive hills here in my area haha.

Love you all and I love being a missionary! Have a fab week and share the Gospel!!

-Hermana Bird

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