Saturday, March 25, 2017

February 13, 2017

Friends and fam!

It's been an exciting few weeks here in Zacatecas and here's the Reader's Digest version:

two weeks ago
-Martes y miércoles: We went to Aguascalientes wohoo!! It always rocks getting to go to Aguas and see a ton of other missionaries. President asked my comp and I to do a training on the importance of learning English and how to set and reach language goals wohoo! We learned a lot of great things about the Doctrine of Christ, how to apply it in our areas, how to help our investigators understand our purpose as missionaries and..................................they told us that President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorom of the Twelve is coming to visit us in 3 WEEKS so the whole mission is coming to ZACATECAS and my comp and I are in charge of choosing the special musical pressure. But here are some of my favorite pics from these glorious two days in Aguas. :) ALSO the hermanas who are in my previous area told me that Alberto is doing great and still does alllll the things we taught him to do to remember to say his prayers and things like that and HE'S JUST THE BEST I was soooooooooooooooo happy to hear that he's doing well!!!
aguas friends
elder garcia creepin in the background haha​

​last selfie with johnston before he went home:(

-Jueves: Visited Ronald and he gave us mango with lime, salt, Valentina, and crushed roasted pumpkin seeds. Tastes better than it sounds and here's a pic!

-Viernes: Good zone meeting and everyone got excited to learn English wohoo!!

-Sábado: Went to Fresnillo to help train in their zone meeting because one of the assistants has had intense back issues since October and went home today (he was supposed to finish with me), so Elder Peterson (aka my ginger friend from the MTC) is assistant now and he was in Fresnillo but like then he had to go to Aguas so his comp got a new comp that wasn't in the leadership meeting so we went to help. Did that make sense? Anyways we had a grand ole time and got to eat with Hna. Nicholas and her comp afterwards and it was waaaaaaaaaay fun! Her comp served in Retornos and told me all about how the Familia Mota is doing and THEY ROCK I LOVE THIS FAMILY and it was sooooooooooo fun to hear about all that's gone down over there in the past few months!

Domingo: Ronald came to church! He's soooooooooo close to getting baptized! We just have to help him sort out a few things then he's READY!

last week
Lunes: We went to a park called Ecoparque Centenario and had fun hiking and going on a swinging bridge but I sunburned my face off haha. Here are some fun pics of our eventful day!

Martes y miércoles: We went to Fresnillo again on exchanges and I had a blast with a sister from my generation and her companion that she's training! Selfie with a weird sugar cane drink we bought!

Jueves: We had our first rehearsal as a zone for the special musical number for Elder Nelson then celebrated these sisters' birthdays afterwards with cake! 

and now i'm out of time so everything else next week! love you all bye!

-Hermana Bird

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