Thursday, March 23, 2017

October 10, 2016 That One Time I Got Arrested

Hello friends and fam! Enjoy a brief summary of the past two week's events in many pictures:
-General Conference. We all wore red!
-I forgot my green card and they arrested me. Oops. Jk but actually that was the story we told my district leader and he believed us and got kinda mad haha. But nah, on Thursday we were walking and this police officer pulled up to the side of us and asked if we were Hermanas. We told her we were and she said she was too! But she's been inactive for 6 years and wants to become active again! Luckily she lives in our area (we met her in the zone leaders' area) so that night she invited us over for dinner and then she came to church on Sunday and tomorrow we're going to have Family Home Evening with her and she just ROCKS! She's one of those people who just needs a profile. It would be something like "I'm a single mother, English teacher, executive chef, and police officer. I'm a Mormon." Also after we met her she gave us a ride to the church in her squad car. Sick.
-The week before last week we ate with some members in a pueblito que se llama el Che Guevara and we found a cute little lake (that you can't even see in this pic) and decided to take a cool naturey picture. Also I think this is the first proof I've sent that we use pants here...enjoy.
-I LOVE MY COMPANION. Especially when she lets me wear her clothes. ;)
-MEET ALBERTO HE'S SO COOL. We taught him how to make a "cara chistosa" then took this sweet pic. He rocks and will be baptized in two weeks!!
-Zone meeting with president and some of my fave missionaries! We talked about the importance of prayer. Make your prayers more meaningful this week! Fun fact: the elder taking the selfie is from my MTC district and in 4 days we'll hit our ONE YEAR MARK AHHHHHHHHH which means a fun trip to immigration mañana wohoo!
-We were waiting for the elders to get to the member's house for lunch the other day and found a swingset. Bomb.
-Yesterday we wore orange!

In these past few weeks we have had LOTS of meetings (7 to be exact..with two more to come this week) and things have been CRAZY, so sorry I haven't been great about writing BUT what I've learned more than anything is that having the company of the Holy Ghost makes or breaks missionary work in all aspects. What small changes can you make in your life to have the Spirit with you more constantly? I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week!!

Con mucho mucho (because my companion always says "mucho mucho" haha) amor,
Hermana Bird

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