Thursday, March 23, 2017

December 26, 2016

Friends and fam,

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had an excellent day yesterday with the fam! As usual I didn't leave much time to write so I'll give a brief overview of this week.

Lunes: Found the COOLEST LADY EVER named Sylvia. She investigated the Church a few years ago after one of the sisters in our ward asked if she could send her the missionaries but they visited her like twice then got busy and didn't make it back to visit them BUT she rocks and made ponche (water with a ton of sliced fruits and cinnamon boiled to make a tea-type's like the classic winter/Christmas drink here) especially for us and gave us cookies and a ton of good stuff haha. But she's awesome and we had a great lesson with her and her son Pedro and she's way interested in learning more! She even cried saying the closing prayer. Bomb diggity.

Martes: District meeting.  Had another lesson with our favorite less-actives that have twelve cats and I had another allergic reaction but it was fine because the hermana gave us donuts and finally realized I'm allergic and is trying to make sure the cats keep their distance haha.

Miércoles: CENA NAVIDEÑA CON PRESIDENTE!!! I just love my mission president. We had a way fun time exchanging gifts, singing Mi Burrito Sabanero (everyone look it up it's the best song EVER), Feliz Navidad, y Ven A Mi Casa Esta Navidad, and played a few games then ate delicious food, chatted with President because he sat at our table (wohoo!) and took pictures. :) 
Here's a pic of my two MTC besties and I reunited for Christmas AGAIN this year! #blessed

Con Presidente!

Oh, and waiting for the bus before the activity haha. 
At night we met with Sylvia again and not only had she read what we assigned her to read, but she also TOOK NOTES, and made us another treat. yeah she rocks.

Jueves:Weekly planning our fave! And another companionship of sisters came to live with us for a few days!

Sábado: Christmas activity! We watched the Secret Life of Pets, did a scavenger hunt, broke a piñata, ate pizza, and had a grand ole time.
#piñataready..thanks Hna. McConaghie

At night we went and hung out with a family in the ward, ate tamales, and had a blast! Here's our cute tree feat. un buen de dulces:

All the presents we wrapped for the elders in our district (we gave them all socks but thought we were hilarious and wrapped them all differently and filled the boxes with junk we found in the house haha) 

Domingo: CHRISTMAS!!! We made our own Christmas dinner en la capilla (and when I say "we" I mean the two elders from Yucatan who know how to cook) so here's an action shot!

Group selfie:

And the elders gave us gifts yay! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know Christ lives and loves us! Don't forget it!

-Hermana Bird

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