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December 12, 2016

Hello friends and fam!

Feliz Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe...aka day when all of the public transportation is PACKED and everyone is adoring their images of the virgin Mary and singing and reciting prayers and having parades and doing intersting dances...

Haha so much to tell!

Last week I had transfers and I'm in......................Zacatecas! It's freezing cold and my area is full of insane hills (I'll send pictures next week because I forgot to take pictures this week) but it's been great! Oh, and I have an American companion named Hna. McConaghie and she's from Arizona wohoo!

Brief rundown of the happenings of these days:
-I was expecting transfers because we had interviews two weeks ago and President told me he was going to send me to an area in another state so I was a little prepared but at the same time I was way sad to leave my area but enjoy this selfie of our rad district the last night together before four of us had transfers haha.

-Monday: Took a bus to zacatecas, froze my tail off when we got here, when to our apartment which was trashed because the previous companion of my companion finished the mish and left all of her stuff haha so we did some major cleaning, the elders brought us a washing machine to use for the day, then we went grocery shopping, came home, wrote, went to visit a few families, and froze to death again at night.
-Tuesday: First district meeting in the new area! Visited a cute 87-year-old recent convert and found some great new investigators in the evening.
-Wednesday: Went and sang Christmas hymns at an assisted living center with the district and had a blast, visited some more investigators with great questions and real intent to learn and progress, then went to practice Silent Night with the zone for the Christmas devotional on Sunday. Oh, and another fun story. I offered the opening prayer in one of our lessons and the investigator said "With my eyes closed, I thought a Mexican was speaking! Your Spanish is excellent!" What an ego booster haha. I still have a long way to go but I LOVE Spanish.
-Thursday: Weekly planning in the morning, went to do service at the assisted living center again with more missionaries in the zone, this time featuring violin and bailes yucatecos and guitar and lots of fun stuff! Group selfie afterwards: 

-Friday: Great lessons in the morning, pizza for lumch, and some really really great new investigators in the tarde. Oh, and we visited a less-active hermana who has TWELVE CATS and I had a serious allergic reaction and couldn't stop sneezing and lost my voice. Fun times. Also a family in the ward looked at the daily #ILUMINAelMUNDO challenge and invited us to dinner with them on the 24th because we don't have family here to celebrate with. So cute.
-Saturday: Family Home Evening with the stake president, his wife, and our investigator Berenice who should get baptized at the beginning of January! 
-Sunday: Church! This ward is a little different...there were 6 sisters in relief society and 2 brothers in elder's quorum...but 500 members in the ward. There's a lot of work to do here. At night we had our Christmas devotional! I played the piano and my comp played the violin and the zone sand Silent Night and it turned out really well! Hna. Caldwell also had transfers and is in my same zone again and has the CUTEST COMPANION EVER Hna. Machado from Colombia and we took this pic (featuring the scarf I received last Christmas...thanks Joyce!).

All in all it was a very tiring but very happy week. I'm still learning a lot and enjoying every minute! There are more details that I'm missing because I forgot to bring my journal...but all is well here! I decided to pick up my study of the New Testament again this week and it ROCKS. I just love the scriptures. Everyone make a goal this week for when and how long you'll read your scriptures this week! And keep it up with the daily challenges in #ILUMINAelMUNDO.

Lots of love and hugs and kisses,
Hermana Bird

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