Thursday, March 23, 2017

September 5, 2016

Hey friends and fam!

Another great week in Ojo Caliente II! 

Fun moments from this week:
-Martes: This night we received a text message from a woman named Paula who told us that she was a former investigator who had just separated from her boyfriend and could now receive and listen to us. She rocks and if everything keeps going well she'll be baptized on October 15th! Also here's a pic with our district and three other missionaries who had their district meeting in the same building celebrating my comp's last district meeting with clown candy!

-Jueves: We met with an investigator named Benjamin who fell off the face of the earth for two weeks and we could never get a hold of him or find him in his house or anything, BUT we finally found him last week and he came to church on Sunday and even brought a friend. Wohoo!

-Friday: We went to visit some members who are dance teachers and always have a ton of events and other things so they're always suuuper busy, BUT they decided a few months ago that it's time to get sealed in the temple. (The wife is a convert as of 5 years ago I think) So we arrived at their house and started the lesson by showing them a picture of the temple in Mexico City. They told us that they had just been talking about the temple when we arrived, and that they would be traveling to Mexico City the following day for a dance convention and had thought about getting sealed. We told them that now was the time! They already had their recommendations and everything, just needed a follow-up interview and everything would be good to go. In that moment they called the stake president to set up the interview and set up their appointment with the temple. They kept saying "If we get sealed tomorrow, it's going to be your fault hermanas!" and on Sunday the stake president visited our ward and let us know that they got sealed!!! WOHOO!!

-Saturday: We did service with a couple that got married like two weeks ago because they had a jungle in front of their house so we cut the grass and weeds with gardening shears (is that what they're called? who knows...they're like big scissors for cutting plants) for three hours and it was a blast! Here's the proof. Elder Flores was really excited haha:

Hope you all have a fabulous week! Also I invite you all the read the Living Christ and visit the temple this week! Love you lots!!

-Hermana Bird

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