Wednesday, March 22, 2017

July 18, 2016 A VERY Eventful Week

Hola friends and fam! This has been a crazy week and I'm excited to tell you all about it haha.

Lunes: I trusted the Mexican hairstylists (one thing all of the Mexican missionaries told me I shouldn't do) and cut my hair (like 7 inches). Here's the proof:

Martes: The guy who is renting us our new house told us it would be ready today in the afternoon, so we spent the whole morning cleaning and de-cockroach-ifying all of our things...(I know you all know I'm dramatic and exaggerate a ton but our house was literally INFESTED. completely. there were cockroaches in every little space you could imagine). Then we went to eat with a member at 2 and the renter called us and said the house wouldn't be ready until Thursday so then we left to work and had a great lesson with a super investigator!

Miércoles: LEADERSHIP COUNCIL WITH PRESIDENT. I LOVED IT. Our new mission president is the bomb diggity and so loving and knowledgable. We focused on the Doctrine of Christ and how we can help ourselves, the other missionaries, and our investigators to have the doctrine of Christ written on our hearts. I forgot my journal where I took notes but there are a few verses in the last chapter of 1 John and the first chapter of 2 John that we read that talk about the doctrine of Christ, so look for them! In the best mission in the world (la Misión México Aguascalientes) we only do one thing: help others understand and live the doctrine of Christ (faith, repentence, baptism, recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end). Learn it, live it, and love it!

Jueves: LA MUDANZA. Finally we moved! Our district leader, his companion, and one of their investigators along with like 7 members came to help us clean everything and move! I told them all to "look like you're doing something!" and this was the result haha. 

With all of us working in the house, it still took us 4 hours to clean and move (because we took EVERYTHING apart..there were cockroaches embedded in our tables, the thing we use to hang our clothes, EVERYTHINGGGG) and this was after throwing away half of our belongings. The good news of it all is that Hermana Hernandez (wife of the mission pres) prohibited us to take our fridge, microwave and stove thing to the new house, so we got it all brand-new the next day! Ha but anyway we loaded everything into the members truck and it started POURING rain so that was another adventure..but all is well and we made it safe and sound and mostly cockroach-free to our new house!

Viernes: Zone council! Today we met with everyone in the zone and had an awesome conference! I seriously love hearing the experiences of other misisonaries and being able to learn from them! Our mission president joined us and shared some great teachings and advice as well! Afterwards, we had asked our district leader to dedicate our new house, and he asked President if he could give us a ride. So all of us went in President's minivan to the house and President left a beautiful dedicatory prayer. He was also a little shocked and concerned about how dangerous our area is so we'll see if he leaves us here or if they sent my companion and I somewhere else when we have transfers in two weeks haha. That night we went to finish a few last minute things in the old house to be able to return the keys to the owner and fonud a dead rat on the back porch. Cockroaches AND rats. So grateful to be done with this house! Haha. Also my companion started running to chase after who she thought was a member and fell pretty hard and got really scraped up so it's been a little hard for her to walk these past few days... :(

Sábado: Noche de Hogar with some less actives who out of the blue decided to start coming to church again and the wife of one of them who is our investigator. We talked about the Great Apostasy and played a game and it was way fun!

Domingo: We went to celebrate the birthday of this hermana who got baptized 12 years ago but still adores the missionaries so she only invited us to her celebration haha. The first pic is from yesterday. 

Okay now I'm super out of time but have a great week and study the Doctrine of Christ! I love you all very much!

-Hermana Bird

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