Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 5, 2015 ¡Paz Afuera!

Subject line: this week my district has been struggling because for some reason the elders feel the need to say "peace out" when we go places, but none of our teachers or the natives know how to translate it, so we've resorted to saying "paz afuera" which literally translates to "peace outside" haha so if any of you know how to say peace out in Spanish...let me know.

Today we went to immigration (or migration? who knows) to get everything in order for our temporary resident cards here. It's always fun to go out into the city and experience the crazy driving and the people here. Also one of our elders got a package with a HUGE bag of Jelly Belly's so we played "guess the flavor" on the way there so of course it was a blast.

Each week we do a service project here at the CCM, and my zone is suuuuuuuper blessed and we get to host the new missionaries each week! So every Wednesday we welcome them here, direct them through a couple different orientation things, and get to take them to dinner and talk with them. This week we got a new district in our zone so we're super pumped to get to know them! It's always one of the highlights of my week to meet the new missionaries. Missionary work is the bomb!

Two of the elders in my district love to speak to each other in Double Dutch, one of the greatest languages in the world (after Spanish and Chinese Pig Latin of course), and it's HILARIOUS so you should all try it. All you have to do is put "ib" in front of the vowel sounds in a word. Their favorite words this week are nibo (no) and slibob (slob). It's difficult to learn but hilarious if you can do it.

Halloween isn't really a big deal here so nothing terribly excited happened, but all of the elders in our district wore orange ties and Hermana Caldwell and I dressed up as bumble bees! (so like I wore a yellow top with a black and white striped skirt). It was fun but we couldn't get a picture since we're only allowed to take pictures on our P-day here. 

Fun fact: daylight savings in Mexico was a week before it was in the states so I was really confused when all the new missionaries talked about getting an extra hour of sleep on their last Sunday home a few days ago haha.

Esta semana tenemos que hablar solamente en español y es muy difícil pero muy divertido. Mi compañera y yo siempre olvidamos, pero trataremos a ser mejor. Me encanta español y la oportunidad por aprender este idoma! Estoy muy agradecida por este evangelio y las bendiciones que recibimos. Yo sé que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y Redentor. Todos de nosotros somos hijos de un Padre Celestial que nos ama mas que podemos comprender. Yo sé que el Libro de Mormón es verdadero y podemos encontrar fortaleza (strength?) en leyendo y siguiendo las palabras que contiene. 

Speaking of 3 Nephi 18! It's a super good chapter!

I don't have any pictures this week, but hopefully I will next week!

I love you all and hope you have the most wonderful week!!

Hermana Bird

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