Monday, December 14, 2015

December 7, 2015 Christmastime is Here

Adventures at the mall today with a classic Kendall face. Christmastime is here!! (As is winter)

Hello friends and family! 

This week has been SO much better than last week! I still don't understand everything and we still don't have a ton of investigators, but we're working really hard and I'm really growing to love it! 

Some highlights of the week:
-There are these two older ladies (mother and daughter) who live across the street from us and can't come to church because they have some health problems, but their testimonies are so strong. We visit them every night to help them around the house and share a lesson and it is always such a great way to end the night! One of these days I will send a picture/video of them. They're hysterical and always sing and dance for us.
-We have two investigators, Ramon and Micaela, who are an older married couple that are seriously progressing. I LOVE visiting them because Micaela always gets so excited about everything we have to say! They have tons of challenges but are such a cute and happy couple. We're hoping they get baptized in January! Also Micaela loves me because I remind her of a little girl she used to babysit when she was younger so that rocks!
-Earlier last week my comp accidentally locked our keys in our apartment...and we didn't have any spare we had Hermano Ruben in our ward break into our house for us so we were saved! It was quite an adventure.
-Apparently every sister missionary in our mission (but on more occasions, American sister missionaries) gets kissed by a random man while they're in the more news to come on that I suppose. Pray that that won't happen to me haha.
-One day I was seriously SO FULL and could not for my life finish my lunch (which is really rude here) so the Hermana who was feeding us left the room for like 5 minutes and Elder Martinez saved my life and finished my food for me! Man I am so grateful that we eat with elders every day.
-On Friday we had a zone meeting and I found out that for Christmas we're having an activity with our whole state next Tuesday which means I GET TO SEE THE PEOPLE FROM MY DISTRICT IN THE MTC!!!! We also get to watch a Disney movie on Christmas and call our families and man I just love Christmas!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are getting in the Christmas spirit. Christmas is really such a special time of year. Don't forget why we celebrate it! Please take a minute to watch "A Savior is Born" (I Spanish it's called Ha Nacido Un Salvador) on or to remember why we celebrate this wonderful time and share the video with friends and family!

I love you all! I think about and pray for you often! Thank you for being in my life!!

Hermana Bird
Our zone leaders (the elders who share our ward and that we eat with every day) brought us a Christmas surprise on Saturday!

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