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November 30, 2015 A Week in the Life of a Blonde American Girl in Mexico

Hola friends and fam! 

This week has been quite the roller coaster of emotions and unfortunately I am running very very short on time so I will give you gist of everything.

-I was winked at and "hey baby"'d
-the member who was supposed to feed us lunch forgot about us...which my trainer says never happens..and so far no one else has forgotten us so that's good!
-I got seriously blisters from my shoes but my feet were fine the rest of the week

-Everyone here really says "Mi casa es su casa"
-A recent convert in our ward named Ruben brought us sandwiches (tortas) for breakfast because apparently sandwiches are a breakfast food in Mexico
-We take buses everywhere and for some reason no one wanted to stop for us this day..seriously on multiple occasions there would be 4 buses that passed us before we could catch one..and on one of them the bus driver didn't give me my change because I'm American so that's cool...
-My trainer said we live in one of the nicest apartments in the mission...which surprised me..but I'm thankful for what I have!
-We had our first meal with a member (we eat lunch with members and our zone leaders every day because we share a ward) and they made red spaghetti and green spaghetti which was interesting
-No one drinks water here. Always Coke or fruit water or horchata or Fresca
-We had interviews with the mission president and I cried a little more because it had been a rough few days..but the rest of the day was great!

-We had a few lessons today and about an hour after our lesson with Ruben, he came by our apartment and dropped off enchiladas and Coke so that was cool!
-The members that fed us today made us a "Thanksgiving feast" (because one of the zone leaders is also American) of storebought rotisserie (no idea how to spell that) chicken and homemade potato salad. It was super thoughtful!
-We always have lessons in weird places. I think we've had two lessons in people's homes and the rest are in random stores or on people's doorsteps and things like that.

-I wrote down D&C 
-"Guera" means "light" in Spanish..not like a light bulb, but lie light-skinned, light hair, etc, so everyone here calls me "guerita." Seriously, members, people on the street, I can't tell you how many times in a day I hear that word...but I stick out like a sore thumb here so that's different haha.
-Everyone here also says "Lo que pasa es que.." which basically means "So what had happened was..." haha I love it.
-This night we had a SUPER poweful lesson with an older couple named Ramon and Micaela (oh yeah, all of our investigators are 50+ too so that's not what I expected haha) and it was AWESOME. Ramon knows the Bible super well and likes to test us on it haha but they're super great people and we're meeting with them again this week!
-Also some lady rejected us because I'm American..sad day. 
-Today I couldn't finish my lunch at the members house and apparently that is really really bad but I seriously thought I was going to die. And they were mole enchiladas which apparently make a lot of Americans trainer even got sick but luckily I didn't. She says I have a super tough stomach if I can handle mole so I should be fine! One of our zone leaders is from Nicaragua and he's such a baby when it comes to chile haha but I've been able to handle that too so things are looking good!

-Ruben brought us more sandwiches..
-I'm still not unpacked
-I was whistled at again
-I saw a sign that said one American dollar is equivalent to 16.55 pesos and when I was in the MTC it was equivalent to 15.4 pesos so that's nuts

Okay I'm out of time to finish writing the finer details of this week..but the most important thing to know is it has been good but hard. I have written down that I wanted to share D&C 78:17-19. Not sure why, but read it!

Love you all and have a great week!

Love, Hermana Bird

my trainer

at the mall today, yay

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