Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 24, 2015 I Made It!

Hello friends and fam!

I'm officially here in my first area of the mission! It has been an emotional last few days to say the least..but a great few days as well.

My last few days at the CCM were so bittersweet. My district seriously became a family and we were all in denial about leaving so we didn't really prepare for that smacked us in the face pretty hard. My companion, Hermana Caldwell, became my best friend and the elders became my brothers. And my teachers were angels! I was seriously blessed with the best. The majority of us had to leave Monday morning, so on Sunday night the elders gave us blessings and we talked and said goodbye until way late, went home and packed, then left our casa at 1:45am to leave for the airport. My companion and two elders from my district are here in my mission as well, but the rest of them left later than us. We arrived at the airport around 3 in the morning, checked our bags, and went through security then they literally changed our gate four that kept us moving. But we got there early and our flight was delayed (but no one was open to buy calling cards so I'm sorry I couldn't call you Mom, Dad, & Austin! :() so we just did a lot of sitting around.

Once we boarded the plane at about 6:15, we had to wait forever to take off because the fog was so thick. But it was nice because I got more time to nap! I slept for about an hour (because our flight was only like 45 minutes plus waiting time) and then we landed in Aguascalientes! It was SO COLD where we landed and it was literally the smallest airport I've ever been to. It had two gates...But we were greeted by the mission president, his wife, and the AP's. There were 8 hermanas (4 Americans, 4 Latinas) and 4 elders (3 Americans, 1 Latino). We boarded a bus like thing and drove 45 minutes to the mission home. Here we had a breakfast with all the trainers, new missionaries, and missionaries that were going home the next day. After that we had a few hours of welcome and instruction time. Then, we met our trainers! My trainer is Hermana Muñoz and she is the sweetest! She has been in the mission for 7 months and pretty much speaks no English so there has been a lot of pointing and flipping through the dictionary to try to understand each other..haha but it's going well. She's so sweet!

After that the mission president gave us blessings, we had a devotional, then left for our areas! Me, Hermana Caldwell, Elder Loertscher, and Elder Peterson (all from 4C..the best district ever..) were all assigned to areas in San Luis Potosí, so we were all together with our trainers on the 3 hour bus ride to our area! After being awake for just about 36 hours, that nap was GREATLY appreciated. It was a really good day but very emotional for me! Hna. Caldwell cried when I got a new companion, I cried when she got a new companion, I cried when I had to say goodbye to her and the other elders from my MTC district, and I cried when I got home that night...haha but I have mostly recovered from the emotional trauma now.

Our apartment is very very very small. It's all one open space that I really can't even describe so I'll send pictures next week. We live next door to a lady who apparently gets mad all the that will be interesting. But all in all I'm excited to be here! My companion and I share a ward with the zone leaders, so we get to eat lunch with them and members every day (except the member forgot about us today..but my comp swears that never happens) so that will be way fun! My trainer is the sweetest and a great example of service. I have no doubt that this is where I'm supposed to be. I'm so happy to be a missionary and am excited to learn and grow more every day! I love you all lots and have felt strength from your prayers! Have a great Thanksgiving and eat lots of pie! 

Hermana Bird

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