Monday, February 15, 2016

February 8, 2016 And the Health Streak Ends...

Hola friends and family!

This week was an eventful one to say the least...

Tuesday I was pretty sick with a rough cold (but everyone here calls
it "gripa" which means flu, but if you have even the slightest cough
or runny nose or if your throat hurts, it's gripa haha), so we stayed
in for the first half of the day to rest and let my meds take effect,
but after that we left to work and it was a little rough but we had
some awesome lessons!

Wednesday was AWESOME. A recent convert, Andrea (15), and her cousin
Desire (8) came out on visits with us and it rocked. Desire isn't a
member but wants to be baptized so bad and was so cute and excited to
come to work with us! And Andrea has the most powerful testimony ever.
She and her mom were baptized about 6 months ago and they're seriously
the best. And spoil us like crazy. ;) After working with them we went
back to their house to help Andrea finish a project for Personal
Progress and it was way fun!

Thursday we ate with a member who is super active, but her husband and
kids have been inactive for years and want nothing to do with the
Church. She has never really opened up to us about anything, but this
day she told us practically her life story and she seriously has the
most powerful testimony. I wanna be like her when I grow up.

Friday we had an aweeeeeeesome zone meeting where we got tons of good
counsel to help us improve the quality of our teaching and contacting
and well, everything haha. And it's always a blast getting together
with tons of missionaries! The main thing I got out of the meeting is
that we need to focus on the Book of Mormon and the Atonement more
than anything. I challenge you all to find the time to read your Book
of Mormon every day this week and be sure to remember the Atonement
and ask forgiveness for any imperfections or shortcomings daily.

Saturday we went to visit a lady named Tere who got baptized when she
was 90 years old, and now she's 94 and completely inactive. She lives
alone, just her and her cat, and takes care of herself. When we got to
her house she had two bowls of oranges on her table and invited us to
take one. When we noticed that she had an orange tree, we asked her
who got the oranges down for her and she told us "Well I climbed up
there yesterday to pick them!" Keep in mind that not only is this lady
94 years old, but she's also like 4 feet tall...she rocks. Then after
we shared our message with her she told us about all of her travels to
France and Argentina and Spain..and how she arrived at all of these
places thanks to a highway that connects them all...I think she's
confused about her geography. Then in the evening we went to celebrate
the 20th birthday of Priscila, our of our investigators, who is
AWESOME. It was a blast! We ate dinner and chatted and then came time
for the cake. She told us that she made sure to get a cake that wasn't
baked with wine or anything so we could eat it, but then she cut it
and it was tiramisu with coffee...haha so yeah we couldn't eat her
cake and she felt SUPER bad, but she was so sweet and gave us some
other sweet bread they had so we wouldn't feel left out. And she
didn't eat the cake either because she committed to keep the Word of

Yesterday I woke up at about 5 in the morning with some serious
stomach pains that resulted in me puking my guts out all morning, so
we didn't get to go to church or even leave the house for anything.
Priscila and her family came to our apartment to bring me medicine and
other things to help me, then called every two hours to check on me.
It's way cool because she and her mom are our investigators, but her
sister and dad who also live with them are not at all interested in
our message, BUT they all love us and always give us rides places and
feed us and want to know about our lives and seriously this family

But the best news of all is....................TODAY PRISCILA TOLD US
last week of the cambio so it's very likely that either me or my
companion will be transferred, so we're soooooooooooooo grateful that
we'll both get to be here for her baptism! Our sister training
leader's promise came true!! WE ARE SO EXCITED.

I have been seriously lacking in the pictures lately, so I was all
ready to send some today...but we're in a different cyber than the one
we normally go to and these computers are ANCIENT so there's nowhere
to put a USB or next week I will send pics of the
baptism and everything else!!

Love you all lots and hope you have a fab week!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Bird

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