Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4, 2016 Where Has the Time Gone?

Hola friends and family! 

How is it already 2016? And how the heck did I already finish my first transfer here in the mission??

I hope you all had the a great week last week and found fun ways to celebrate the New Year and set some goals! Things get crazy here for the New Year. On New Year's Eve there were fireworks out the wazoo until the wee hours of the morning, parties, and lots of music, then in order to recover from their partying, everyone shuts down for the rest of the week. The streets were pretty abandoned so it was way odd.

Today we had cambios and I get to stay in this area with my trainer Hna. Muñoz! The elders who shared our ward were transferred to different areas, so we now cover the entirety of our ward boundaries, which made our area four times bigger. We have a lotttttttt of work ahead of us but we're way excited! They have been teaching some awesome investigators so we're really excited for the opportunity to continue their teaching!

I hope that in this New Year you can all take the time to share the gospel with those around you! Here in the mission I have realized how critical members are in the work. If you feel so inclined, make it a goal to accompany the missionaries or give someone a Book of Mormon or invite them to church. This gospel really blesses the lives of all people! Have a great week getting back into school and work and the normal swing of things!

Hermana Bird

1-They like to do funny things with trees here in San Luis Potosí. Enjoy.

2-Me & my comp with Hna. Jessica on a lookout point at the zoo!

3-Majestic. And very loud. Seriously. It was roaring the majority of the time we were at the zoo up until we actually went over to see it then it stopped.

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