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October 22, 2015 Uno Dos Tres Cuatro Ce!

Twinning, of course...
Hola from Mexico!

So first to explain the subject line...I'm in district 4C (aka cuatro ce) and every night before we head off to our houses we put our hands together and count off "uno dos tres cuatro ce!" It's a blast.

Ah what a week, what a week. I'll try to share the highlights.

So I flew from Dallas to Houston, then Houston to Mexico City. My flight into Houston was supposed to land about half an hour before my flight to Mexico took off, but by the time we landed and got our luggage back (they had to gate check almost everyone's carry-on luggage because the plane was teeny tiny) it was 10 minutes past time to board my next flight. So I pretty much sprinted a marathon to the other side of the airport then had to take the skyway train thing to get to my terminal and I was one of the last ones to board...but I made it!! And when I walked on, the first person I saw was another girl who I thought must have definitely been a missionary and she turned out to be my companion! There were over 20 of us missionaries on the flight, so once we landed in Mexico we all worked together to make it through customs and figure out where we were supposed to be picked up. The drivers in Mexico City are CRAAAAAAAAZY but we made it to the CCM safe and sound!

When we got to the CCM, they said hello then sent us straight to dinner. After dinner we had a few quick orientation meetings then got to go to our casas to unpack and get ready for the next day. I live in Casa 12 with Hermanas R & H (who are going to the Oaxaca mission) and my companion Hermana C, who is also going to my mission! There are three other rooms of 4 sisters living in our house as well.

Mexico City is a very loud place. There are fireworks, sirens, and karaoke at all hours of the day, but it keeps things exciting.

This week we've mostly just had a lot of meetings to help us become accustomed to how things work at the CCM and sat in our classroom a bunch, but we have also gotten to teach a lesson almost every night (starting last Friday) to our first investigator! Her name is Ana and she ROCKS. She's had some family troubles and has struggled to feel God's love, but she's super open to and interested in hearing about the gospel. We have to teach all of our lessons in Spanish so it's been interesting not only trying to figure out how the heck to communicate with her, but also trying to understand her. But the lessons have been pretty good. Hna. C and I felt terrible about our second lesson because it just didn't go as planned, but the lesson after that we just focused on having the Spirit with us and it was INCREDIBLE. We both almost shed a tear. Almost. But seriously this work just makes me so happy and I am so grateful that I get to be a missionary!!

My district has me, Hna. C, Elder P, and Elder L (all going to Aguascalientes), Elders F, J, A, and S (all going to Culiacan), Elder M (going to St. George), and Elder A (going to Chicago). We're a little bit rowdy but we just have a ton of fun together and learn a lot from each other! My teacher, Hna. N, asked me to pretend to be an investigator our second day so we could see how to teach and we spoke only in Spanish and all of the elders freaked out and now they all think I'm fluent and tell everyone else in our zone that I am when I'm really random people come up to me allllll the time and ask me how to say things haha but it's fun and we're all learning a ton!

You would all be very surprised to hear that one of my favorite times here is.....GYM TIME! Hna. C and I can get a little cranky sometimes, but then gym time comes around and fixes everything. We generally use the indoor gym at the beginning then go outside for sand volleyball with the other missionaries and it's a BLAST. Although I accidentally hit Elder F in the face with the ball the other day and made his lip was funny though.

When you think Mexico, you probably think hot and sunny, right? Wrong. It has been FREEZING this week. (Which means it's probably been in like the 60s haha) but Hna. C and I are always so cold! So we've been bundling up and doing all we can to stay warm. If you saw the locals here thought, you would think we were in the middle of a blizzard the way they're dressed haha.

Hna. C and I were called to be the Sister Training Leaders for our zone this week so we're super excited to get to know them better (there are currently only two other hermanas, but we should get more next week) and learn to love serving here! Hna. C is like my favorite person ever. I could not have asked for a better companion! We are so similar in so many ways and just get along really well and laugh a TON. Also, we found out that we had a matching skirt so naturally we had to match today to take some pictures.

One of the first things we received when we got here was a paper with a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott that says, "Remember, the Lord has called you to succeed, not to fail. Sometimes it may seem terribly hard, but He wants you to grow. He will not abandon you. He inspired your call. He knows who you are. He knows what you need. He knows what He wants you to become, and this mission experience is an opportunity He has given you to discover things about yourself you never knew; capacities you never knew you had, strength beyond what you felt you had, and the capacity to love and serve which will sustain you throughout the rest of your life. Remember, you have been called and He will fit the task to your capabilities." I LOVE THIS QUOTE. It is so applicable to the life of a missionary, but also everyday life! The Lord has seen fit to place us on the earth at this time and KNOWS AND LOVES US. When we rely on Him, there's nothing we can't do.

I love you all and am so very grateful to know you! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love, Hermana Bird

P.S. I don't have a cord for my once I find someone who has a cord that's compatible with my camera I'll send pictures!

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